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Do you usually book Private Sydney escprt because you are sick of agencies ripping you off? Well you are in luck! You no longer need to do that. We have already interviewed many private Sydney escorts and if they are good enough then we will work with them! You no longer need to do this yourself.

Are you sick of seeing agencies advertise the fact that they have exclusive private escorts? Well that statement alone is a contradiction. How can they be privates if they are working with an agency?? Don't worry it confuses us too. Also in most cases the private escort that you see advertised is actually an agency pretending to be a private.

Be wary of any ad that you see that says do not call - SMS only. Well if they do not want you to call it is probably because you are actually texting some guy pretending to be the girl going oh baby oh baby. But hey if that is your thing then that is great no judgements here but I know personally I would feel sick to the stomach knowing that happened to me. That being said Australia is the only country in the world that seems to think private escorts are the superior choice. Go to Europe or the UK and no one books private escorts. Why is that you ask? Because proper agencies only work with girls that they think are great that get excellent feedback. Private escorts are mostly the bunch that the agencies have rejected so you never know what you are getting!

LNB Sydney Escorts is a proper Sydney high class escort agency and only work with private escorts that we like and know are good. We get many applications from ladies (many of which are private Sydney escorts) wanting to work with us, however most are just not LNB material. Be rest assured any escort you book through us will be as good and in most cases better than any private Sydney escort.

Booking an escort through us is super easy - way easier than trying to book a private escort. Give us a call tonight, book your meeting and let us take care of the rest. Before you know it your dream date will be a reality!