Late Night Babes SydneyFrequently Asked Questions


Q: What are the prices ?

A: The prices for each escort are written clearly on each individual profile. Please do not ask for a discount - would you like it if you boss asked you if you could work for $50 less an hour?

Q: How do I make a booking ?

A: Bookings are to be made over the phone. Please call us to make a booking after 5pm (During agency operating hours).

Q: What services do you offer ?

A: The girls all offer different services. Please refer to their individual profiles for service information. If the particular service is not listed then the lady does NOT offer that service.

Q: What services are included in price ?

A: We are an all inclusive agency. They are genuinely all included in the price unless specified on their profile.

Q: Can I get the escorts phone number and call them directly ?

A: No. Please do not ask the girl for her phone number. EVER. Girls do not want clients having their phone number and feel embarrassed telling you NO when you ask for it. If a girl wanted to work privately she would just be a private escort. DO NOT EVER ASK THEM FOR IT. Asking them for their phone number is an instant ban.

Q: Do any of the girls do natural sex ?

A: NO. Please do not ask. Ever. Just asking for natural sex is an immediate ban. Asking a girl to do natural sex is an immediate ban. Once again. NO.

Q: Do the girls do incalls and outcalls ?

A: Yes. They offer incalls from Hotels and private apartments in and around the Sydney CBD area.

Q: What is the location?

A: That depends. What girl are you enquiring about? All the girls work from different locations in and around Sydney CBD. Please choose which girl you are wanting to see and then give us a call to make a booking and we will give you the location once a booking has been made.