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We are LNB Sydney escorts. We are an honest, friendly agency who tries really hard to provide a great working environment for the ladies we work with. We are currently looking for fun, friendly and beautiful ladies between 18 and 35 who genuinely want to work as an escort in Sydney, Canberra or Ireland. Sydney & Canberra open from 5pm to late 6 nights a week - Ireland 12pm to 12am. Our staff try their very best to look out for the safety of the girls that we work with, while offering them honest friendly advice. We are a very friendly bunch and we get told so often by someone that the girls in this agency are not only beautiful but some of the most friendly and fantatic escorts in Sydney its actually started to become repetitive. You will be in great company should you just be starting out in the industry wanting to learn from people who love to teach and enjoy making great money while doing so and having fun.

We really enjoy welcoming new faces and making them feel happy to be around people who care about them.

As we are an honest and well established agency we have built up a large selection of great regular clients, that the girls actually enjoy seeing. Our client base is actually mainly young (under 40) and often they genuinely book girls to have fun and party with for hours. But as we do have great client reviews we also attract the high class, intelligent business clients so it a really great mix. The girls tell us lot of them are fun and often very attractive and very clean and well groomed. We are proud to have these clients - the happiness and safety of the girls we work with are our main priority. Every client we have - we have at some point talked to on the phone to make sure we feel good about letting them have a booking and are not afraid to ban clients even for bad language. We only take SMS bookings from known clients if we believe they are trustworthy. We are proud to say that no client is ever misled by fake photos or false promises and none of the ladies have to endure embarrasment or rejection by fakes or agency misrepresentation.

Whilst the girls aren't expected to do anything or see any client they are not comfortable with - I actually can't remember the last time anyone refused - which means to us that we are doing what we get paid to do. From what we have heard our agency fees are the lowest out of any service provider and for the work we do we believe it is very reasonable - which means the clients pay less, you make more per booking and there are more clients and jobs for everyone. Our rates are not set by the agency - the escorts themselves choose their own rates and will often test the waters before setting a rate they are both comfortable with that will actually make them the most money in the long run.

If your currently working in an agency and your reading this then you probably aren't happy with your current working conditions. I would like to welcome you to give our agency a try - there is no obligation and at the very least you will get to meet some new people. We promise we will work as hard as we can to help you make as much money as possible, to make sure your safe and enjoy coming to work. We are very flexible with any special work requests any girl may have.

You can apply now using our online form or email us - with two photos (Selfies are fine) but please make sure you send at least 1 with your face because how do we know how pretty you are if you don't show us? Please also include your name, age, dress size, location, phone number and anything else you might like to talk about :)

Or call us anytime for more information - 0477 020 558 (We don't open till 5pm though so if you call beforehand we wont see it!)

Look forward to working with you all :)

Kind regards, Hannah

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