2017-05-14 09:05:01

I get clients and people asking me all the time why are the escorts at LNB so awesome? Quite frankly I don't really know what the answer to that question is.. From what the girls tell me though they love working here and working with me.. I too love working with them. I am very lucky I am one of the fortune people in life that gets to work with their friends and have a great time. I think if the girls are happy and like where and who they are working with - then thats going to shine though when they see clients. I hear that agencies in general have to resort to scare tactics or bribery to get girls to turn up and force then sit in a room waiting.. Hoe demoralizing.. No wonder the girls have no respect for them. I personally have the opposite problem - whist i don't require girls siting around waiting, they actually want to come in and hangout and I can't get rid of them. lol. just joking I love hanging out with them too :)

Hannah x

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